New Owner Makes Mega Movie Shipment Move

A week before it’s scheduled grand opening, Mega Movie has made some big changes in its plans. New Jersey officials have given the movie company a clean bill of health and have granted Mega approval to move into the soon-to-be state-owned Brunswick Mall in downtown Jersey City. The closure of the popular Brunswick Movie House will leave many questions about the future of the store, as well as those of other mega-theaters in the region.

The closing of the Brunswick Movie House comes as a blow for many of the residents who have frequented the movie complex in the past. According to a release from the Brunswick Mall’s owner, Simon Property Group, the film theater at the newly-branded Brunswick Square Mall is under new ownership. In a statement issued by the mall’s owners, Simon Property is planning to hire Starplex Cinemas to take over the operation of the movie center starting on Thursday, May 10. “Simon has made an investment in the success and growth of the movie center,” said Simon Property Group CEO Gary Phillips.

Movie enthusiasts and business owners alike expressed their shock and dismay at the news. Many speculated that a pending merger or acquisition could be the culprit, but in reality, it appears that the closure of the popular Brunswick Movie House has been the result of a personal dispute between Simon and the mega-movie chain’s owner.

In addition to being the home of many of Mega Movies’ movies, the movie house was also a popular hangout for local residents. According to the release from the mall, most of the employees at the movie complex are moving to the new location, which will not be operational until mid-summer. In order to accommodate the employees who work at the movie complex, the Brunswick Mall has decided to close down their retail stores until the new location opens.

Although it is expected that the new owner of the Brunswick Mall will continue to operate the movie complex, the news of Mega’s closure will likely be a blow to the many Jersey residents who frequent the store in the future. For example, the movie company sold a variety of movies and DVDs at the complex including “Terminator 2,” “Avatar,” “Gods and Generals”Hercules in New Orleans.” There are also a number of classic films that the store sells, such as “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones,” “The Chronicles of Riddick,” “A Time to Kill,” “The Secret of Crichton High St. and “Stargate.”

In addition to the movies that the movie store sold at the Brunswick Movie House, it also sold a variety of other products, including snacks, toys, DVDs, comics and toys. As is the case with any chain store, the potential for loss and damage can be high when dealing with a large business like Mega Movies. However, with a little research and preparation, the new owner of the Brunswick Mall will most likely get past the shortfalls and continue to make its presence felt in Jersey.

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