Mega Bloater Movies of 2020

If you enjoy mega blockbuster movies then you may have enjoyed the latest release of The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Curious Case Files On Crack. Both of these films had their respective trailers appearing on various media prior to being released theatrically. These two movies certainly got my attention, as they are both entertaining and offer some great scintillating entertainment.

The Wolf Of Wall Street is a modern day tale of greed, corruption and revenge based on the works of Michael Douglas and starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Donnie Ross who stars as Ross. This movie is definitely worth the watch. It’s a definite must-see movie and I’m sure it will become another hugely successful movie franchise. This movie is currently number three on the charts in the USA and Canada and could soon be on its way to the top ten in United Kingdom. This film has received warm welcome from critics and audiences everywhere. I can honestly say that this movie is spectacular and completely entertaining.

Meanwhile, The Curious Case Files Of Crackdown on Crack is a thrilling action thriller starring Colin Firth and directed by none other than Anthony van SENTCATVS himself, Colin Firth. This movie is also set to be a huge success with either the big screen or the television viewers. The movie revolves around a group of private detectives that investigate crimes using a network of contacts and sources within the criminal fraternity. The movie is set to be a grand finale of the current movie franchise about the FBI agents and how they combine their resources to solve crimes.

Another movie that was recently released on the big screen was the starring studded Hollywood talentrers, Alexander Swords and Morgan Freeman. This movie didn’t quite receive the reception that I expected it to. In fact, it was quite a box office hit only earning $1.5 million over the weekend. However, the reviews have been good and most people loved this movie. In fact, it was named as one of the best films of 2020 by many critics. This movie was based on the novel of the same name written by Morgan Freeman.

There are other mega movie franchises that have earned huge profits after their release. One such movie franchise is the Pirates of the Caribbean. It became an instant hit with both children and adults and proved to be the biggest payday of all time for Disney. The film spawned several sequels, which became even more successful. Other big movies to be released in this franchise include the sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Other mega blockbuster movie hits in this year include Harry Potter and Twilight. Harry Potter has so far taken the whole world by storm, especially in the US. Twilight, on the other hand, has been gaining rave reviews from the critics and box office experts. It has been one of the most lucrative movies released this year. The main reason behind its popularity is the romance between Bella Swan (Alexandra Shippen) and Edward Cullen (kaside Richard Hamilton).

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